Beyond: Two Souls Achieve Great Success

Exclusivity may be counted absurd concept in the gaming industry today. The production process is continuously demanding huge fees of course forcing publishers and developers to ensure every product they sold massively. One of the ways? With it off to all gaming platforms available. Not surprisingly, many exclusive franchise in the past is finally open to more groups of gamers, such as Metal Gear Solid, Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts, for example. However, those who persist with this exclusive format does not necessarily lagging behind in terms of sales. As shown by the exclusive ambitious project from GTA 5.


With a development process that is more focused on the story, Quantic Dreams indeed succeeded in making Beyond: Two Souls as one of the “cover” sweet Playstation 3 era. Visual quality and incredible detail, combined with voice acts leading actors are executed properly, Beyond: Two Souls become one of the best games in 2013.
Quantic Dreams managed to sell 1 million copies of Beyond: Two Souls during 2013 ago. A great success and get GTA 5 hack and read more here.

Not only look stunning in quality, Beyond also successful in terms of quantity. Confirming Quantic Dreams has sold more than 1 million pieces of Beyond: Two Souls during 2013, which means that just three months since its release in October. This is of course a positive start, although not yet tackled Heavy Rain – the series “predecessor” is now entrenched in the number 3 million copies.

Developer Series Game – Mafia Closed!

The story of the criminal world in the past were arranged very well, Mafia franchise is growing popular among fans of the genre of open-world. Although it does not offer the freedom classmates GTA or Saints Row, every series Mafia always comes with a unique charm – the stunning visual quality and of course – the atmosphere legacy projected very well. Mafia 2 course success begets more expectations for the presence of Mafia 3 which is rumored to be rolled as the next-gen project. Nose has not shown at all, instead of an optimism, gamers just have to deal with a bad news and get roblox hack android .


Regardless of the rumors that had intensively heard some time ago, franchise developer Mafia – 2K Czech just have to deal with restructuring. Just as the same process that had occurred in some other developers, this process makes many employees 2K Czech experiencing mass layoffs. Developer team that handles the Mafia franchise in Prague studio closed, with some employees transferred to two other studios – Brno, Checks and Novato, California. 2K himself stated that this process is crucial to strengthen the team 2K own. Does this mean we will not see the Mafia 3 in the future? Although there has been no confirmation from 2K itself, it is likely that this franchise will still be handled by another studio.
Team developer Mafia – 2K Czech is located in Prague was restructured, which is marked by the dismissal and transfer of employees to other 2K studios. Developer is rumored to be developing a next-gen series Roblox and visit here .

So for those of you who are expecting Mafia 3 in the market, you seem to be a little more patient after the restructuring process on this one. Hope they will not cancel it ..

Madden Mobile Announced for Android

Hiding in high places, with the breath is blown regularly, slowly and rhythmically, cold sweat trickling fingertip was holding the trigger. A voice growled down the road paid for by a bullet that slid slowly twisting, crushing head to pieces. Scattering your first prey brain is only the beginning of a long journey for survival in Madden Mobile coins cheats online Army that had slid in early February 2013 yesterday. The atmosphere is always adrenaline into the main attraction and countless managed to capture a lot of fans. The popularity and success is what finally pushed Rebellion introduces the sequel series – Madden Mobile Army 2.


The series this sequel will certainly bring a lot of changes, and of course the improvement in some crucial aspects. Tim Jones – one high-ranking Rebellion promising level design, soundtrack, an environment that will create an atmosphere of battle far more sinister, with a myriad of new enemies who are ready to present an extra challenge. Jones claimed that Madden Mobile will offer an experience that feels more “evil” and a nightmare compared to the series premiere. This project will be side by side with Madden Mobile that has been confirmed is being developed.
Rebellion confirm the presence of Madden Mobile which will be launched on the PC before the end of 2013. Version of the next-genes are also planned.

When did you have the opportunity to enjoy it? Rebellion itself still does not give any definite date, in addition to space for 2013’s release. One thing is certain, Madden Mobile Army will be released for PC in advance, with the possibility of next-gen console versions were wide open. Interested?

FIFA 17 The Soccer game on Android

Just waiting for a matter of weeks and gamers FPS fans around the world can start preparing to enjoy one of the games most anticipated military shooter this year – FIFA 17. EA and DICE did not seem to want to miss again with consistently offers a myriad of screenshots, gameplay demos, and trailer to show the appeal of this latest series. Not only looks epic in the single player, dynamic environment expanse offered in multiplayer mode FIFA 17 coin hacks also looks very attractive. However, apart from the desire to immediately try it, there is fear itself, especially for Android gamers, will be the ability of their rig to handle this one game.


Fear comparatively reasonable indeed considering the latest optimization engine – Frostbite Engine 3.0 that would eventually prove his ability directly. Not only brings a more realistic visualization, DICE’s next-gen engine also offers more interactive world with the scale of destruction is certainly wider. With the previous series – Battlefield 3 is already enough to offer extra challenge, how about this FIFA 17? Can your Android handle it? Having had a mystery, EA and DICE finally share the required minimum specifications:

Prepare New Dragon Ball z Dokkan Battle Game

The gamers who have tasted the golden years NES and arcade in the past would not be familiar with the name “Dragon Ball z Dokkan Battle”. Game action platformer that this is indeed a very memorable, challenging and also provide an experience that is irreplaceable with various elements that he has to offer. The battle against the aliens with a variety of unique weapons, Dragon Ball z Dokkan Battle be the inspiration for so many action games that are born again, including the one we enjoy today. Disappeared for a long time, rumors about the rebirth of Dragon Ball z Dokkan Battle dragon stone already emerged since last year. Existence is the more certain after the measures taken by Konami.


Konami is rumored developing new Dragon Ball z Dokkan Battle game since some time ago. Mercury Steam – developers who handle series Castlevania: Lords of Shadow had expressed their interest to revive the series, was even embed a logo “C” is iconic in it. But the certainty of existence is increasingly clear after Konami finally officially registered trademark in the name of “Dragon Ball z Dokkan Battle Run and Gun”. There are no details of any information that surfaced from the name of this one.
The existence of the presence of the latest series of increasingly close after Konami Dragon Ball z Dokkan Battle formally register the name “Dragon Ball z Dokkan Battle Run and Gun” as an official trademark.

Dragon Ball z Dokkan Battle Run and Gun whether this will be a reboot process for next-gen consoles in the future? Enjoying a rebirth of a franchise that has long sunk certainly be a dream so many players, let alone see it born in concept, visualization, and a new, more modern stories. It would be very disappointing if Konami has finally introduced Dragon Ball z Dokkan Battle Run and Gun as “just” a mobile game. Please, Konami.

Blizzard Prepare for Pre-Order Bonus Diablo III Version PS 3

Coinciding with the opening of pre-orders for the PlayStation 3 version of Diablo III, Blizzard Entertainment stated that they had prepared a special bonus in the pre-order package! They will include a special item for all the Diablo III game buyers making purchases through pre-order package.

The special item is a helmet with the name Infernal Helm will directly be used by the players in their character from the first day the game launched. Infernal Helm rumored to be able to give the bonus experience points for characters who wear them. The helmet will be used by a variety of character classes in Diablo III, the Witch Doctor, Barbarian, Demon Hunter, Wizard, and Monk.

Unfortunately, the Blizzard Entertainment seems to only restrict such items to be present in the PlayStation 3 version of the course. They rule out the possibility of the players to give or exchange the item for another character who played on PC or Mac version of the game madden mobile game.

Diablo III for the PlayStation 3 itself has announced its presence for some time and is likely to be released towards the end of 2013, with no definite release date. The game will carry some differences when compared to the PC version of the game, including the differences in character and do not control their obligation to always be connected to the Internet during play Single Player mode of the game.

Lost Planet 3 Get New Release Date

Fight giant monsters that are not easily subjugated simply has become one of the selling points that can not be separated from Capcom’s flagship franchise third person – Lost Planet. Success put themselves in the hearts of gamers through the first two series, it is not surprising that Capco to continue this franchise. But there is something a little different in the new series – Lost Planet 3. He suggested a mainstream game third person who is no longer unique. Had planned to be released in the first quarter of 2013, Capcom has turned out to require a longer time to complete this game. Lost Planet 3’s official release date was postponed and get definite.


Through a latest trailer, Capcom peel more about the background of the story that would become the foundation of gameplay Lost Planet 3, at the same time announced a new release date for her. This trailer shows the story of the main characters – Jim Peyton, who works as a miner thermal subsistence family. But a crash him into a bigger problem. The world is a field of work – E.D.N III turned out to load the other residents were not happy with this mining process. Peyton was forced to choose one of them. This trailer also shows Peyton armor design that might seem familiar, especially for those fans of Dead Space gamers and visit clash royale astuce.
Capcom decided to postpone and give a new release date for Lost Planet 3. Game who had planned to attend in March is officially postponed to June 26, 2013 to come.

Had planned to be released in March 2013, Lost Planet 3 likely to experience delays and will be released on June 25, 2013 for the US market. This third series will be launched in most of the available gaming platforms – Playstation 3, PC, and Xbox 360. One thing that might attract attention, most gamers, when Dead Space 3 looks resemble Lost Planet, Lost Planet 3 is actually seen as Dead Space , What do you think?

Company of Heroes 2 Officially Delayed!

The collapse THQ has become one of the unfortunate incident to occur in the gaming industry. However, like all tragedies, nothing could be done a gamer in addition to openly accept this painful fact, as well as grateful for the successful few veteran developers that remain viable under another publisher healthier. But hopes that the acquisition will not affect any of the existing franchise development progress should be acknowledged, too grandiose. Company of Heroes 2 into one of the first to feel the impact of this. Relic officially announced the postponement of its release and visit astuce clash royale gemme.


Company of Heroes 2 itself is rumored to have stopped development, but was denied by the Relic itself. They even claim to be able to work at full speed and the maximum under the auspices of the “owner” of the new – SEGA. But apparently not fast enough to meet the initial planned release schedule in the first quarter of 2013. The producers – Greg Wilson apologizes for the disappointment that may be felt by all the fans who were looking forward to this game and ensure that this extra time is needed to ensure the Company of Heroes 2 are displayed in the maximum quality. He also reiterated that the COH 2 Closed Beta period will be held in the near future to get feedback for a more balanced multiplayer mode.
Relic finally officially announced the release of Company of Heroes 2. Had planned to be released in the first quarter of this year, the game is finally getting a new release date – June 25, 2013 to come ..

So when you will be able to enjoy it? Company of Heroes 2 will be launched exclusively for the PC platform on June 25, 2013 next to American and European markets. Just take your time, Relic, we will not rush you .. but the make sure one thing: do not make it sucks!

The Magnificent Seven Reviews

Hold on for me while I rapidly gone through the historical backdrop of Director Antoine Fuqua’s most recent, The Magnificent Seven. Thus, the film is the redo of the acclaimed eponymous film made in 1960 by John Sturges. This, thus, was the redo of the more acclaimed Akira Kurosawa’s Seven Samurai. We should simply say I don’t begrudge whoever is entrusted with checking on the following cycle of the Magnificent Seven.

In Fuqua’s most recent form, an African American hero, Sam Chisolm (Denzel Washington) plays what might as well be called Captain America. He’s the quieting impact, the paste that keeps the seven together. Having Denzel assume the part is a much needed development, and as it were, goes about as a remedy to stories like Avatar that have a white hero going about as the watchman holy messenger of the persecuted. Indeed, even in John Sturges’ ‘unique’, seven white men join to spare a Mexican town. In any case, Fuqua, tragically, doesn’t dig a lot into the progression of this change.


What he does however is depict the magnificence innate in the drowsiness of life in a Western film… in its lucky, now-old effortlessness. Fuqua tips his cap to every one of the staples, abandoning us in probably he’s a tremendous admirer of this class. There’s the shoot-out in a cantina, the enchanting drawl in the highlight, the wild stallions and a scene even devoted to demonstrating one of them being subdued, the one-on-one cowpoke weapon battling, the shots of open fields… The story, similar to life in those days, is very uncomplicated. It’s about a lady, Emma Cullen (Haley Bennett), who procures the Seven to retaliate for her better half and protect her town, Rose Creek, from industrialist Bart Bogue (Peter Sarsgaard, who has little to do with the exception of look wickedness in two or three scenes). The detestable Bart loots, assumes control land, and powers slaves into mining. He’s the posterboy of the covetousness of modernisation. That is the reason it’s fitting when, towards the end, he gets the Gatling Gun — a herald of the automatic weapon — into play and visit The Magnificent Seven online.

It isn’t simply Bart we learn minimal about. Indeed, even the Seven — united through a progression of experiences, inadvertent and otherwise — aren’t generally acquainted. There isn’t a great deal of value time spent on setting up their brotherhood. Considering how both Chisolm and Haley are enthusiastic about avenging their friends and family, it may not be excessively disrespectful, making it impossible to conjure the case of The Avengers, and call attention to how much time is astutely spent on setting up the characteristics and qualities of characters like Captain America and Iron Man. Here, the main genuine endeavor at acculturating them comes towards the end, when they all eat and examine ladies. It’s very nearly a reconsideration. Except for Josh Farraday (Chris Pratt), who has an eye that is both wandering and dangerous, you don’t generally feel much for any of them.

Maybe at any rate in the event that they were appeared to draw in a bit with local people, as in the first? The little connection a portion of the individuals from the Seven have with Rose Creek residents is one of haughtiness, as they attempt to prepare them futile to wage war against Bart and co. Toward the end, the storyteller lauds the benevolence of the Seven, however it never truly comes through in the film, especially in light of the fact that there are some narrow minded reasons affecting everything for more than one part. That is the reason you don’t anguish when the group endures the inescapable misfortunes. Indeed, even Emma, who is appeared to be great with the firearm, comes great at the very end — however just as a deus ex machina.

It isn’t that The Magnificent Seven is a terrible film. It’s made capability, and with much yielding to the first — or should I say, firsts. Be that as it may, the Seven here aren’t sufficiently magnificent. Fuqua’s film is to the first what a Colt gun is to the Gatling firearm.

Sully Movie Review

Presently, in case you’re similar to me, as of now in the film you’ll get yourself somewhat confounded: Did Katie Couric truly say that? I unquestionably didn’t recollect there being any open debate about whether or not Sully had made the best choice. What’s more, that is, obviously, on the grounds that there wasn’t any. Minutes after Couric raises questions about his capability on air, Sully shocks alert. It was just a bad dream! Surprisingly, Eastwood’s film presents this sluggish story gadget not once, but rather twice Watch Sully full movie online.


Which is the fundamental issue with the entire film: The “Sully” of the Miracle on the Hudson ends up being precisely the same as the oft-recounted story, aside from with some unrealistically corrupt NTSB examiners tossed in. (For sure, grumblings have as of now been stopped with respect to the NTSB’s ridiculous depiction in the film.) The main way Eastwood can consider to amaze us is by making up stuff that didn’t occur and afterward holding up it in Sully’s bad dreams. Without a doubt, the character may coincidentally be representing Eastwood himself when he clarifies, “I’m having a little trouble isolating reality from whatever the damnation this is.”

What’s more, that is basically the film. After at first displaying Sully as the saint we as a whole trusted him to be, it, unpersuasively contends that perhaps he wasn’t a legend all things considered—before at long last reasoning that really he was a considerably greater legend! Taking after maybe the silliest (Sulliest?) “court” scene in late memory, even the unpalatable NTSB authorities (unpleasantly played by Mike O’Malley, Anna Gunn, and Jamey Sheridan) invert themselves and belatedly perceive Sully as a Great American. You’ve known about straw men? This is a straw motion picture.

All things considered, it’s not an especially awful motion picture, if you disregard the crazy portrayal of the NTSB—why do you despise them along these lines, Clint?— and the way that Laura Linney is completely squandered as Sully’s faraway spouse, with whom he appears to have had some ambiguous and totally unexplored conjugal issues. (Never fear: By the end she, similar to each other character, perceives exactly how astonishing her better half is.) The crash itself is taken care of with downplayed guilefulness—again, we see components of it no less than three times—and Eckhart is, as noted, staggering.

At the end of the day this is  Sully film. It’s a long way from his most difficult part (in some ways, it’s a knockoff of his remarkable work in Captain Phillips), however it’s one that suits him to a tee: the representation of a man who is better than average, proficient, and practically ostentatious in his quietude. In the event that Tom Hanks did not exist, Eastwood would have needed to develop him.