World of Warriors Review for iOS

One of the interesting elements that make a salute to the World of the Warriors is the quality of sound and music production are given. Production sound in this game gives the impression as I played Mortal Kombat, mingled with the music playing in the orchestra-style epic God of War. These qualities make the World of the Warriors are not only good to look at but also comfortable to hear.

world of warriors iOS

Energy system in the game World of Warriors is meat. At each session the battle will always spend some meat. However, the meat will automatically grow narrower over time that has been determined. IAP in this game is not mandatory, you can play without having to buy a gem. But of course here you have to sacrifice a lot of buying the IAP. If you have the patience to wait for the crafting process and grinding that requires struggle, it feels better this game will be in your gadget in a long time.

World of Warriors is a game that I think has the power in terms of features and has a depth of gameplay is not exactly simple. Although only offers a simple control mechanism and system of casual strategy game, but with a wide choice of hundreds of characters that can be provided would make the value that you would like to play this game. But something is missing in this game, which gives less variation in each battle session. You will find that the same play and that’s it.


World of Warriors already available in the Apple App Store and you can download for free. For owners of iOS devices with A5 chip, I suggest that you try to remove all the multitasking that is currently running. To be more effective, you can restart your gadgets so that the performance of the game could have gone better. And if you want World Warriors hack with Unlimited all item you can visit at

Battleheart Legacy Review – RPG mobile that takes productivity of your time

Battleheart Legacy is an isometric RPG casual look that will give you the freedom to be or do whatever you want. I personally equate Battleheart Legacy with other weighty RPG like Baldur’s Gate because of the freedom of play that has been given. in this game you are nothing more than an ordinary villagers who tried to leave you alone in the country trail Haggerdom. Whether you want to be evil robber who likes to kill or want to be a Barbarian in the great savior of glorifying the villagers.


Although the concept that seemed open-ended, in-game adventures Battleheart Legacy bounded by the quest location and access map tailored to the leveling of your hero. Here you wont just enter the destination folder to the level of 10, which is definitely your level is still below the requirements, you will whiz trouble against enemy there. Untul own level, here you will be given six attributes are very important, namely strenght and dexterity skills becomes important to take classes that you want.

As I explained in the previous summary, the game excels with customization features diverse skills, here you will be given the freedom to set the 12-class skills that have been provided. Is that you will use for this opportunity to create a class that is a pure fighter or wizard, or will make a fusion hybrid class with a wide range of skills than 150 options. Interesting is not it?

To control yourself, this game adopts a simple tap controls and easily playable. Here you simply just do tap around the existing environment to move. Battleheart Legacy has provided a shortcut like hot keys commonly found in WRPG for PC. Given this shortcut, you can access some of the skills that you have or used items more quickly and not difficult

Gunino Review – Arcade Shooter Anti Mainstream with Three Characters Simultaneously

In today’s game arcade shooter has undergone rapid development since popularized by Space invaders in the early 80. A variety of innovations that have been developed in the genre, also known shhot ‘em up, starting from the character, or the challenge of avoiding a powerful enemy bullets like the game DoDonpachi. Then if this Gunino has its own charm will differentiate with games like.

Although this game is not entirely offers nothing new, Gunino arguably as a result of the fusion of two arcade shooter game that I mentioned earlier. This game has a sensation of gameplay mixed with bullet hell that use the character as a unit that you can control. but unique to this game, you will be able to control not just one, but three characters at once that move together. On systems using 3 units of this character is something that differentiates it from other games. They move as one entity with the formation of arrows to pierce a formidable enemy forces. Although the move as a unit, the third character has HP and rifles that each provides its own depth in this game.



Enemy we face is an army of zombies. Why Zombie? because it is said to have an outbreak in the world that has spread throughout the human and almost made the extinction of the entire community. Each level in the game has a few variations that come to confront the enemy, began weak zombies who once slapshot fall. This game will run automatically stops scrolling until you conquered the mini boss.

In toughness Gunino unit in the game is arguably has a more humane system than the bullet hell games like. With HP each, every character that we control will not directly fall when hit by several bullets. This game was still able to walk even if you lose one or two characters, as long as there is still one remaining characters surviving to finish the mission. The game will stop if you lose all the characters if you wiped out by the zombies.

You do not need to bother thinking about complicated things to be able to enjoy this game. Control unit is fully done by touch and drag on the screen. No buttons used in this game, the unit will shoot automatically with a predetermined time interval during the game. Here I can play with only one hand index.

It is unfortunate in this Gunino hame stored behind its uniqueness still some things that we think could be established again. That inequality toughness enemies, sensitvitas touch controls and game mechanics. Thirdly it is quite difficult for me to play