Cheat Gold Elixir Clash of Clans Newest

Cheat Clash of Clans or what we often call the COC now much sought after by the players around the world for the users of iOS and Android devices. This phenomenal game has a very very exciting gameplay and fantastic graphics

This game is rather difficult to collect the good Loot Gold, Elixir, Elixir Dark Gems and it has been present Hack tool for Clash of Clans for Android and iOS.

Ok we start, please follow the tutorial below to use Cheat Gold and Dark Elixir Elixir Clans Clash of the following:

Download Cheat Coc Material:

XModGames IOS –> Cydia or DEB

XModGames Android –> Download APK and Google Play

For iOS Users follow the appropriate instructions below video.

As for how to use XModGames Android following:

  • First please download the APK file first above
  • Then install and open the app as usual
  • Open the APK XModGames have you installed and then give the Root Access
  • then Select Clash of Clans and Install Mod

clash-of-clan XmodGames

  • After the mod installed, you simply select “Launch”
  • Will open the game Clash of Clans then tap the “x”


  • Then will appear the menu that we show below, please set the amount of Gold and Dark Elixir Elixir you want.


  • To seek automatic Loot Search feature please enable Switch


Important information from Fitu XModGames:

More Than Gold

Gold number you want to search for that gold should not be set too high because then you will be hard to find.

Meet All The Condition
The meaning is this tool will find the number of Gold, Elixir automatically the number you have set

Search Switch
This feature has the function to find the number of Gold, Elixir you have specified in the above features. For that turn off this feature when you attack and after the attack.

Keep Active

The function of this feature is that you are not attacked by the enemy village, your phone will remain alive and will heat and wasteful batteries.

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