PSN Code of capital to buy the game

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Playstation Network is the place to play online, and talk with your friends around the world and buy the best games. Most games that are available in the PSN is paid and very few are free. and we need money to buy the latest games there. To make transactions PSN provides $ 20, $ 50, $ 100. All the players love to play on PSN but it is very expensive to join there.

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How to Play Clash of Clans on PC

Do you want to play Clash of Clans on your PC or laptop? Actually very simple and you do not have to bother to think about it. Enough to install an application to your PC. The application name is Bluestacks. Cool applications that are supplied free of charge and can be run on a PC that has the operating system Windows or Mac OS. And cool again can play all the games android on your pc.


These are tips to play the game Clash of Clans on your PC.

  • Download the application in
  • Install on your PC (when you install the PC or laptop should connect to the Internet).
  • For installing this software takes a long time, and to wait you provide coffee and food.
  • After the install is complete then you synchronize your google account with bluestacks application, in order to access this application in playstore.
  • Relax, this great application later will issue a google login window exactly as we first start a new android smartphone
  • After the synchronization process is completed, then you can now access the playstore.
  • Download games directly from playstore COC.
  • After Install Clash of Clans is complete then you can directly play the best game in pc or laptop you.

To my mind, this Bluestacks application is very useful, but unfortunately we had to pay $ 2 per year to use this application. But you did not need to worry because we are asked to install android suggested by BlueStacks then we can use this free app.

But be careful also if you would aspirated internet quota exhausted because of my experience BlueStacks will silently download the applications they suggest the absence of most of our knowledge and its application in a very large size.

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Call of Duty Heroes Android Review

Call of Duty Heroes although derived from the sequel to the previous game has some similarities with the clash of clans compared to Modern Combat. Will this game be the best game for android or iOS?


After the start of the battle, as the game in building the city, the player had to build the base of the lowest level to the highest level as well as including resource development, training facilities and build a base defense forces. This will take place by slowly until you reach the city has a strong. Once you build a strong army you can do with the expansion of sophisticated weapons. In addition to train troops and create a lot of troops, the player can also control the characters that you know from the console version of Call of Duty. Actually there is no story in the game Call of Duty Heroes and you will quickly powerful forces and can you control it manually to make them more useful compared to other games. It allows you to attack the city.

Each hero definitely has a special ability that can help distinguish Call of Duty Heroes contained on Android and iOS. Captain Price example can call the helicopter with a short shooter. The player can also control the HMG for the purpose of an unexpected and very useful to take defense and build a great city. To build the resource is not easy to take a long time and requires an upgrade too many times. Stationary weapons also take half an hour for each one of them. Most of the game consists of tapping on things and waiting for a very long time. This is a great proof that Activision even be fun if you do not wait.

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