FIFA 17 Review 2017

The presence of several star players with high performance rating in a fun and fit you made a major player in FIFA 17.

FIFA 17 coin generator  will reportedly be equipped with some of the star players loh! Some of them are old players in the FIFA series before, but their ratings are now reported to have increased thanks to the best performance in the game of football this season.

Those who entered the ranks of star players with the best performance rating is Riyad Mahrez of Leicester, Eric Dier from Tottenham Hotspur, Jamie Vardy from Leiceser City, Antoine Greizmann from Atletico, and Harry Kane from Tottenham.


You are highly recommended to wear them someday play FIFA 17. Granted, the game will be more interesting!
FIFA 17 was officially released on September 27 in several countries, this price ..

As is known, FIFA 17 was already officially released on September 27 in several countries. Although it still does not know when to go to Indonesia, no harm was you know how much budget you need to prepare to be able to enjoy games on this one.

Quoted from the Metro, games FIFA 17 on Xbox One and PS4 reportedly priced at a price range of 44.99 pounds, equivalent to 750 thousand rupiah for the regular edition and 59.99 pounds, equivalent to 1 million rupiah for the deluxe edition.

Meanwhile, for you PC users can get FIFA 17 at a price of 44.99 pounds, equivalent to 750 thousand rupiah for the regular edition and 64.99 pounds, or the equivalent of 1:09 millions of rupiah for the deluxe edition.

What Erectile Dysfunction Treatment Options?

Mental burden due to the failure of men to distribute biological moreover desire to satisfy their partner, often causing stress and even depression. If erectile dysfunction is caused by physical illness, psychological distress that risk exacerbating his medical condition.

Such as the emergence of stress for erectile dysfunction that plague diabetics. Stress can aggravate pain increasingly presenting diabetes and other medical implications.

Reduced quality of sex as a couple because of sexual dissatisfaction can also stretch the relationship between the two, even to divorce for those who are married and visit .



In advanced stages, the medical condition of erectile dysfunction can lead to infertility (sterility), but this risk is very dependent on factors.
What Erectile Dysfunction Treatment Options?
Erectile dysfunction can be treated directly or indirectly. Type immediate treatment can only be done if the cause is not due to serious illnesses or psychological disorders.

For immediate treatment, urologist or andrologist usually recommend drugs from groups PDE-5 inhibitors, including, sildenafil, tadalafil vardenafil as well.

On the other hand, the treatment does not necessarily mean trying to cure the disease first. Along cure the root problem, erectile function will return to normal by itself.

When you can not wait, sometimes doctors can still prescribe drugs PDE-5 inhibitors in order to maintain the condition of psychiatric patients should fast sex because they can not erect. Of course, new recipes can be given after careful consideration and under strict supervision.

Patch DirectX 11 Batman: Arkham City Turns Still Problematic

If we are talking about one of the advantages of PC gaming than consoles, the graphics quality and better framerate certainly be the most important. With the development of a dynamic component, PC provides an opportunity for developers to push the game to the maximum limit. But the problem seemed inevitable if the developer chose the console as a basis for building a game. Adaptation heading to PC often lead to bugs and a variety of crucial issues. The latest example? Batman: Arkham City are just not capable of running DirectX 11 well.


In accordance with his promise, Rocksteady Studios has finally released the latest patch for DirectX 11 capable of ensuring a perfect run in Batman: Arkham City PC. Through the patch size is 190 MB, Rocksteady also fixes a variety of bugs and patching a variety of problems that often make the game crash. But do not get too excited in advance. If you are a user of Windows Vista or 7 32-bit, you seem to be more patient. Why? Because this patch will only aggravate the employment DirectX 11 in the version of the OS and get dragon ball z dokkan battle astuces.

Rocksteady itself promised a subsequent patch as soon as possible to fix this problem. While waiting, you are advised to stick with DirectX 9 while. If you are one of those gamers are so flattering details and visualization of finer in the game, then there is no better alternative than waiting patch this aftershocks. But rest assured, Batman: Arkham City will look stunning with any DirectX. Seriously!

Football Manager Handheld 2012 Released for iPhone

There are many ways to enjoy a game of football, the most popular sport on earth today. Than just watching games on television to engage in real competition. But for gamers, pleasure can be obtained without having to move and sweat at all. Through what? Of course, a variety of sports game franchise that carries the football as the core game. But not a few gamers who actually prefer to enjoy a position as a coach and a regulator. From this requirement, football strategy game such as Football Manager created and get clash of clans gems generator.


Football Manager (FM) as a football strategy game is able to offer the complexity and addiction at the same time, make the players move from one game to another game with no more care time. Imagine if this sensation you can feel through a mobile device. Absolutely, SEGA will officially release Football Manager Handheld 2012 for iOS devices: iPhone, iTouch, and iPad. Although it appears in the smaller screen, FMH 2012 will offer a gameplay and complexity are not much different than a console or PC version. Wow!

For those of you who own an iOS device, this alone FMH 2012 is available for download via the Apple Application Store at the time of this news release. For those of you who like FM, this is a good opportunity to keep connected with the “poison” that will take you this time. But because it is mobile, it would be better if you also learn when to play more wisely. Make sure you do not play it when walking on the highway or when brooding in the bathroom. You can get hurt ..

Mario Kart 7 Nintendo 3DS Boost Sales!

Mario and Nintendo’s life should be recognized now become a single entity together and support each other. Without the presence of Nintendo, the plumber with mustache and chubby will never achieve such popularity today. While on the other hand, Mario often comes as a savior for Nintendo who are experiencing difficulties. Symbiotic mutualism that is created to make them appear to dominate in the gaming industry. Cooperation is still effective even today and get  dragonballzdokkanbattleastuce .


It is no secret that Nintendo 3DS is not Nintendo’s most successful projects. Handheld with three-dimensional capability is surprisingly countless failed in the market. He was still behind compared to the preceding series – DS and often must submit to the domination of the PSP. But one of the interesting phenomenon of the 3DS is a leap in sales is always the case when Nintendo released their flagship game. The same is also likely to occur when Mario Kart 7 was released on December 1 last.

Racing game full of action and fun from this Mario franchise has certainly become the target of many gamers. Just imagine, in just one week of release, Mario Kart 7 is able to sell up to 451 932 units, the highest ever debut release of 3DS games. Not only that, he also encourages and boost sales of the handheld Nintendo 3DS itself. By the time Mario Kart 7 is released, Nintendo 3DS sold up to 216 350 units participated. It instantly menempatkanya as the second highest record sales of the 3DS after sales in the initial release of the handheld.

The results achieved by the Nintendo 3DS to prove a lot of things. First, that Mario is still seen as a franchise gamer interesting to play so that it remains a potential for Nintendo in the future. The second? Nintendo 3DS that actually only need the right stimulation for a successful course through the game titles are released. Record achieved Mario Kart 7 confirms this. Games that need them the next release? Pokemon, more Pokemon!

Ezio arrives in Final Fantasy XIII-2

Final Fantasy should be recognized is one of the biggest RPG franchises in the gaming industry. The franchise itself has spawned many series with an outstanding success rate. Not much if many gamers call it the iconic Japanese RPG supremacy in the past. Square Enix as a developer until now still trying to carry on the tradition with the release of more of the Final Fantasy series for a variety of platforms. One of them is – Final Fantasy XIII-2 will soon be released to the Japanese market. However, there are things that are unique to the release this time. Ezio – the iconic character of Assassin’s Creed will join it!


Seunik any Square Enix attempted to modify a Final Fantasy, is something that is not possible if they brought the figure of Ezio physically get into the main plot is carried. Ezio figure in question here is none other than the alternate costumes that can be used by the main male character – Noel. Costumes that will be used is the Assassin cloak used by Ezio in the latest series AC – Revelations. Square Enix released even design that will be used to Noel. Unfortunately, there is no clarity whether this costume will be available in-game or you have to pay as additional DLC and you can visit .

This is not the first time the Assassin is spreading the charm that makes other developers fall in love. Altair’s robe himself had been presented as an alternative costume belonging to Solid Snake in MGS 4. The figure of Ezio himself equally popular after he was named as an extra fighter in Soul Calibur V. However, it is still something of a surprise when I heard of a Final Fantasy series. Is this a sign that Square Enix need additional alternatives to restore the popularity of this franchise? Or is this just a preventive measure so that FF XIII-2 is more easily accepted by a wider audience?

Suicide Squad Reviews

Written large in Suicide Squad title of the review is that this is the best movie of the DC Extended Universe. But is that true? According to the authors heck yes.

So far, DC Extended Universe consists of three films: Man of Steel, Batman V Superman, as well as the Suicide Squad. There is also Wonder Woman, Justice League, and others which are still in progress.

Tempo Man of Steel feels too slow, and ultimately controversial scene in more irritated than aroused a good impression. Batman V Superman is a potentially good film, but too long, too dense, and too confusing for the theater version cut-out of the original version. Already then, the film feels less fun from beginning to end and you can watch here .

What about the Suicide Squad? This film has some elements that are not owned by other DCEU films so far.


Although all the characters are villains, from the beginning you can feel like an element of fun that sucked away from Batman V Superman. Nothing controversial decision that makes the characters are not supposed to act. All members of the squad have no problem with killing people, including Katana classified as heroes. But remember they are all heroes, and Katana comic version did not hesitate to kill criminals, these characterizations indeed feels right.

Lazy sits two and a half hours in the cinema to watch the spectacle long without humor? Suicide Squad also do not have those problems. Overall, the feel of the film is noticeably darker than the movies Marvel. But this time director David Ayer and the script writing team did not hesitate to slip comedy minimum any consolation in life and death situations faced by the characters.

Do not forget also the soundtrack of the film selection. Selection of the songs are very brilliant and, combined with the visual touches throughout the film, evokes the impression of stylish cool.

Presented in the photo above is a row of a movie protagonist. A lot is not it? But David Ayer still can present interesting characterization for each. Nearly all of them gained more depth that makes you understand their motivation. The only character who was untouched only idiot who died first.

To figure obtained deepening despite appearing less significant, such as Killer Croc and Boomerang, the characteristics and the way they acted during the movie can still steal the show.

Moreover, these figures also served very well by actor them. Jai Courtney appearing in Terminator Genisys bland here merged completely into the role as Captain Boomerang. Cara Delevingne archaeologists managed to present the figures for June Moone suffering and Enchantress wild and seductive equally well.

Do not forget also Jared Leto as the Joker. As Heath Ledger once, when you watch Joker Leto version, you no longer see the figure Leto as an actor. What you are witnessing only sadistic and psychopathic figure on the screen, which still has its own charm.

Pity it did not happen to Deadshot. When you see Deadshot, you’ll feel just saw Will Smith, not the character he should have played. But Will Smith himself does have special characteristics that make it always visible portray the same character. Even when he played Muhammad Ali in Ali too.

Be prepared for Mortal Kombat Komplete Edition

Of all the franchises that are trying to bounce back in the game industry, Mortal Kombat must be acknowledged to be the most successful. New series, Mortal Kombat 9 was released for the Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 in the year 2011 this so charming. Netherrealm Studios, as the developer, managed to revive this game with a new look and classic gameplay system that is loved by the fans. The brutality of blood and body parts splattered sensation a sensation of nostalgia that is so epic. For those who want to experience the maximum, you should prepare yourself for Mortal Kombat Komplete Edition!


Netherrealm Studios apparently is preparing an edition of Mortal Kombat Repackage to include all the DLC characters that never existed and release it as a separate game. That information is obtained after a game called Mortal Kombat Komplete Edition is registered in the British ratings body – the BBFC for XBOX 360 and Playstation 3. It will be the best opportunity for MK fans who could not feel the previous DLC characters. Is not clear if there will be extra extra characters are presented, but certainly Skarlet, Rain, Kenshi, and Freddy Krueger is ready to spit bloody battle in Komplete Edition and visit Hill Climb Racing hack tool .

Unfortunately, Warner Bros as the publisher has not given any comment about this. In the meantime, there is no certainty release date or whether this game will also touch other platforms such as PC, for example. But remember in 2011 that in a minute after, Mortal Kombat Komplete Edition is a new seem to be present in 2012. No doubt, it is definitely a lot of fighting game fans will be waiting for him. Mortal Kombat Komplete Edition, GET OVER HERE !!

Zynga stay unconquered on Facebook

Facebook can not be denied is the largest social networking site in the world today. With users more than 750 million people worldwide, Facebook has evolved into a lifestyle of modern man. Various things to do socially on this site, from a storytelling to share a variety of multimedia content. Social gaming has also become one of the features that is loved today. Not surprisingly, the giant gaming companies like Electronic Arts or Square Enix is ​​keen to develop content in Facebook as potential benefits. But strangely, no matter how hard they try, the crown of the king of social gaming on Facebook is difficult regardless of the head of Zynga.


Almost all Facebook users would know who it is Zynga. Publisher is indeed spawned so many popular games on Facebook, call it Farmville, Castleville, CityVille, Mafia Wars 2, to the Zynga Poker. Although it comes with a game system that is so simple, these games managed to make millions of people addicted. From the latest data compiled by AppData, CityVille game posted more than 10 million active users per haridengan approximately 50 million active users each month. Wow! making him the number one Facebook game today. In the second position? Occupied by another Zynga Facebook game – Farmville with 30.9 million active users in one month. Electronic Arts thrown into third place with just 30.4 million users for their Sims Social and check out this marvel contest of champions hack  site

Other statistics also no less surprising. Noted there are approximately 4 million users logged in simultaneously in CityVille at peak hours of the game. Zynga also claims that there are more than 1 billion connections between users has been created in this game. If you are a gamer who has a stereotype that gamesederhana like this will attract gamers more women than men, the statistics it provides data that refute it. Approximately 41% of gamers are male Cityville. Wow!

With the tremendous massive, do not be surprised if Zynga did not seem tergeserkan of peak domination social gaming on Facebook. Believe it or not, the family “Ville” This managed to make the value of the company Zynga skyrocket faster than valueless up to $ 20 billion in just five years. A show of force will be the potential for a social networking in cyberspace. 10 million users per day for Cityville? It even beats the number of online players of Modern Warfare 3 and Battlefield 3

World of Warcraft Patch Delivers Hour of Twilight

WOW gamers are now finally have an extra reason to play this game again. Blizzard as the developer of the popular game World of Warcraft (WoW) will introduce a new patch in the Cataclysm expansion – Hour of Twilight. This latest patch will continue the story of Rage of the Firelands, where previously the warriors of Azeroth fight it out against Ragnaros the Firelord – the leader of the strongest elements of the fire element. In Hour of Twilght, the real test to determine the fate of Azeroth to start.


The latest WoW patch entitled Hour of Twilight will challenge gamers with one of the most powerful beings in the world of Warcraft, Deathwing. Deathwing is an evil dragon with tremendous force in WoW Cataclysm. He managed to bring great disaster inevitable in the world of Azeroth. No wonder again if Deathwing had the nickname “The Destroyer” or the Destroyer. To get a clearer picture of this epic patch, you can see it through the latest trailer of this patch and visit madden mobile hack here :

By presenting Deathwing unusually strong as the focus of the story, Hour of Twilght would seem to be the end of the whole story of Cataclysm expansion. Azeroth fighters must fight to eradicate all men of Deathwing and the Elemental Lords are also worshiped. Do the inhabitants of Azeroth will successfully face the greatest disasters of the creator this time? Everything you specify as a gamer! If you are successful, then the next expansion – Mist of Pandarean already are waiting for you. It takes hard work to restore peace in Azeroth.