Prepare New Dragon Ball z Dokkan Battle Game

The gamers who have tasted the golden years NES and arcade in the past would not be familiar with the name “Dragon Ball z Dokkan Battle”. Game action platformer that this is indeed a very memorable, challenging and also provide an experience that is irreplaceable with various elements that he has to offer. The battle against the aliens with a variety of unique weapons, Dragon Ball z Dokkan Battle be the inspiration for so many action games that are born again, including the one we enjoy today. Disappeared for a long time, rumors about the rebirth of Dragon Ball z Dokkan Battle dragon stone already emerged since last year. Existence is the more certain after the measures taken by Konami.


Konami is rumored developing new Dragon Ball z Dokkan Battle game since some time ago. Mercury Steam – developers who handle series Castlevania: Lords of Shadow had expressed their interest to revive the series, was even embed a logo “C” is iconic in it. But the certainty of existence is increasingly clear after Konami finally officially registered trademark in the name of “Dragon Ball z Dokkan Battle Run and Gun”. There are no details of any information that surfaced from the name of this one.
The existence of the presence of the latest series of increasingly close after Konami Dragon Ball z Dokkan Battle formally register the name “Dragon Ball z Dokkan Battle Run and Gun” as an official trademark.

Dragon Ball z Dokkan Battle Run and Gun whether this will be a reboot process for next-gen consoles in the future? Enjoying a rebirth of a franchise that has long sunk certainly be a dream so many players, let alone see it born in concept, visualization, and a new, more modern stories. It would be very disappointing if Konami has finally introduced Dragon Ball z Dokkan Battle Run and Gun as “just” a mobile game. Please, Konami.

Blizzard Prepare for Pre-Order Bonus Diablo III Version PS 3

Coinciding with the opening of pre-orders for the PlayStation 3 version of Diablo III, Blizzard Entertainment stated that they had prepared a special bonus in the pre-order package! They will include a special item for all the Diablo III game buyers making purchases through pre-order package.

The special item is a helmet with the name Infernal Helm will directly be used by the players in their character from the first day the game launched. Infernal Helm rumored to be able to give the bonus experience points for characters who wear them. The helmet will be used by a variety of character classes in Diablo III, the Witch Doctor, Barbarian, Demon Hunter, Wizard, and Monk.

Unfortunately, the Blizzard Entertainment seems to only restrict such items to be present in the PlayStation 3 version of the course. They rule out the possibility of the players to give or exchange the item for another character who played on PC or Mac version of the game madden mobile game.

Diablo III for the PlayStation 3 itself has announced its presence for some time and is likely to be released towards the end of 2013, with no definite release date. The game will carry some differences when compared to the PC version of the game, including the differences in character and do not control their obligation to always be connected to the Internet during play Single Player mode of the game.