Traffic Rider Tips

Stay Focused

As you play through the vocation mode, you’ll need to finish different destinations to effectively pass the level. Each vocation mode Traffic Rider level is not just a race from point A to point B. Now and then you’ll need to drive a specific separation in a specific measure of time, or perhaps you’ll need to overwhelm X measure of autos into equal parts a moment. Be that as it may, in case you’re not paying consideration on the target (which shows up at the highest point of the screen at every level) you won’t comprehend what to do and will probably come up short the mission.

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For The Win

There will be times when crossing the completion line, or overwhelming the last auto will bring about an auto collision and get traffic rider hack on trafficrider-hack .

Put it all on the line.

The amusement closes when the goal is met. So regardless of the fact that your triumph screen is driving you directly into the back of the semi-truck infront of you, it won’t make any difference. Simply understand that front wheel over the completion line and you’re ready.

Another tip about dismissing vehicles is that when you start to pass a vehicle, you can cross into their path. It’s an irregular thing that I’m almost certain needs to do with first-individual point of view, however I found that you can cross into a neighboring path once you’ve passed the dominant part of a vehicle, regardless of the fact that the vehicle is still on screen. It’s not super dependable, but rather simply like with tip 1, when there’s no other option it can spare you from losing.


In case you’re truly not feeling the movement based controls that Traffic Rider uses, choices exist to switch up the control format of the amusement. Simply go into the choices menu, hit Controls, and you can choose three distinctive control choices and even (in the Advanced menu) empower blood for splatter impacts when you wreck.

Clash Royale Strategy for Android and iOS

Despite the fact that Supercell, the studio behind raving success Clash of Clans, was relied upon to discharge their new amusement Clash Royale in February, the organization has reported that it won’t be until one month from now that the worldwide dispatch will happen.

We reported recently that Supercell delicate dispatched Clash Royale gem generator  for iOS and that the studio will discharge an Android variant eventually also.

A few days prior, engineers outed a noteworthy upgrade for Clash Royale on the iOS stage, making things significantly all the more fascinating and energizing for players fortunate to have entry to the diversion.

As specified before, not long after the arrival of the upgrade numerous trusted Supercell is preparing its amusement for a worldwide dispatch, however a couple of days after the fact the studio approached with an official proclamation on its online journal.

All things considered, there’s not quite a bit of an announcement but rather more like a short affirmation of the way that Clash Royale will be dispatched internationally on both Android and iOS stages in March. At the end of the day, Supercell is somewhat strange, as the studio did not say the precise discharge date of the amusement.


“Play a RTS, MOBA, and CCG amusement in the meantime”

The uplifting news is Clash Royale satisfies Supercell’s reputation in the versatile diversions market. It’s an alternate sort of amusement that blends constant procedure, MOBA, and CCG (collectible card diversion) components, so there’s a tiny bit of everything for everybody.

Normally, Clash Royale is a multiplayer diversion in which players will need to make their deck of cards to beat their adversaries in 1 versus 1 matches.

Players can gather and redesign many cards highlighting the Clash of Clans troops, spells, and barriers. Likewise, winning recreations will compensate you with mid-sections that contain effective new cards.

Designers additionally affirmed that the greater part of the cards can be overhauled, however players can assemble spells and safeguards, and in addition their most loved Clash troops.

Another major gameplay highlight reported by the designer is the capacity to frame a Clan to share cards and construct you claim fight group.

BAM farming strategy on Clash of Clans

The BAM cultivating strategy is utilized to homestead heaps of assets in brief time. It’s like the Barb/Archer strategy, yet this setup additionally incorporates Minions. It’s an astonishing approach to homestead heaps of assets in brief time.

A simple approach to make the attack troop quick on clash of clans is:

2 sleeping shelter trains Archers

2 sleeping shelter trains Barbarians

Dark sleeping shelter train flunkies

You can likewise add Wall Breakers to the BAM cultivating setup, and you can likewise supplant a portion of the Barbarians with Giants, yet recall that it will take longer time to make and that they cost more elixir. get free clash of clans hack no surveys on here


The thought of this setup is to divert protective structures with Barbarians and Archers and afterward send in Minions.

You ought to attract Barbarians a ring around the base, then rings of Archers. At that point you ought to locate a decent spot for the Minions and send them in. A decent place would be far from the Air BAM Strategy defence and Wizard Towers.

Some like to utilize this setup together with a Healing ring and Rage rings. Consider to utilize the Healing ring near to Air Defense or Wizard Towers and the Rage spell when your flunkies are in middleo f their base, so that your beyond any doubt you will get all that they have.

Strenght and shortcomings

The strenght of this setup is that you can do attacks all the time and ranch alot of assets in brief time. The setup is truly solid. Since the setup just require shabby units and that we utilize all military enclosure speeds the creation time up alot.

The shortcoming of BAM strategy is Air Defense and Wizard Towers. To counter them you ought to consider utilizing Healing ring or take the Air Defense and Wizard Towers out with your Barbarian and Archers.

Which bases to attack on Clash of Clans

Alot of individuals ranch 1.000.000 assets every hour by utilizing the BAM strategy. You ought to search for bases that has atleast 100.000+ assets put away.

Simple bases to attack are these who lines up their gold mines and elixir pumps near to the external dividers.

You ought to additionally search for bases that has the Air Defense and Wizard Towers in an awful positions so you can take them out speedy. Ideal with gatherings of Archers and Barbarians. Dont send all into sprinkle harm, send them in waves to counteract harming you entire troop on the double.

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Boom Beach for Basics

You, right now on Boom beach tips, deal with vanquishing different islands to acquire more assets and free subjugated islanders from the Blackguard, the badguy of the game. In the meantime you need to shield your own particular base and asset bases from adversary assaults.

Fabricate structures

With a specific end goal to viably safeguard your base you need to fabricate structures for creating assets like Gold, Wood, Stone and Iron. With these assets you can manufacture guarded structures like cannons and automatic weapons. For updating these structures its expected to overhaul your Headquarters also. By overhauling your Headquarters you initiate extra Buildings, Troops and different updates.


Investigate the Archipelago

By building the Radar structure you get the capacity to investigate the archipelago. As of now you can visit different islands  on boom beach and different players that are in the zone. You can assault these islands by putting your troops at landing stations on the beach and select the structures to assault. While your fighters are assaulting the structures you can discharge gunnery shells from the Command Ship. Try our new Boom Beach hack tool on here

Assault different players

By assaulting different beaches you gather ‘Fight Points’, with these focuses you can perform Gunboat Abilities. These Gunboat Abilities can be strategic or strategical. For example you can utilize Artillery Shells or Flares. The cannons shells do harm to the shielding structures and with the Flares you can move your fighters over the island. These are just two of the Gunboat Abilities, there are a ton a greater amount of them. The measure of Battle Points required for a particular capacity goes up every time you utilize this capacity in fight. Each time you wreck a structure, you get extra Battle Points.


Create an Multi account on Clash Of clans

Coc (clash of clans) is a game of strategy, simulator, and the fight that makes us addicted to continue to play. At first to upgrade the building in this game for a while, but with the high level of your building, then it is time to upgrade the building grew old. To wait for the length of the building upgrade it helps us play our other accounts on the same device without having to remove the previous account. In this article I will share my experience in playing the game coc with multiple accounts on one device.


The trick is: Open the clash of clans hack online tool game on, make sure you’re connected to the game clash of clans google account. to see your game account is connected with google you can check the settings -> settings. make sure your account has been linked with google.
Then after that you close his coc game. then you Open the settings on your android, choose account, select the new account to enter new accounts in your device.

Furthermore, if the new accounts that have not been previously coc game you play, then you have to go to the application settings to clean up the data on your application coc game, just take your game data will not be deleted because it is only the data that is deleted the account settings used on coc ,

PSN Code of capital to buy the game

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How to Play Clash of Clans on PC

Do you want to play Clash of Clans on your PC or laptop? Actually very simple and you do not have to bother to think about it. Enough to install an application to your PC. The application name is Bluestacks. Cool applications that are supplied free of charge and can be run on a PC that has the operating system Windows or Mac OS. And cool again can play all the games android on your pc.


These are tips to play the game Clash of Clans on your PC.

  • Download the application in
  • Install on your PC (when you install the PC or laptop should connect to the Internet).
  • For installing this software takes a long time, and to wait you provide coffee and food.
  • After the install is complete then you synchronize your google account with bluestacks application, in order to access this application in playstore.
  • Relax, this great application later will issue a google login window exactly as we first start a new android smartphone
  • After the synchronization process is completed, then you can now access the playstore.
  • Download games directly from playstore COC.
  • After Install Clash of Clans is complete then you can directly play the best game in pc or laptop you.

To my mind, this Bluestacks application is very useful, but unfortunately we had to pay $ 2 per year to use this application. But you did not need to worry because we are asked to install android suggested by BlueStacks then we can use this free app.

But be careful also if you would aspirated internet quota exhausted because of my experience BlueStacks will silently download the applications they suggest the absence of most of our knowledge and its application in a very large size.

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Cheat Gold Elixir Clash of Clans Newest

Cheat Clash of Clans or what we often call the COC now much sought after by the players around the world for the users of iOS and Android devices. This phenomenal game has a very very exciting gameplay and fantastic graphics

This game is rather difficult to collect the good Loot Gold, Elixir, Elixir Dark Gems and it has been present Hack tool for Clash of Clans for Android and iOS.

Ok we start, please follow the tutorial below to use Cheat Gold and Dark Elixir Elixir Clans Clash of the following:

Download Cheat Coc Material:

XModGames IOS –> Cydia or DEB

XModGames Android –> Download APK and Google Play

For iOS Users follow the appropriate instructions below video.

As for how to use XModGames Android following:

  • First please download the APK file first above
  • Then install and open the app as usual
  • Open the APK XModGames have you installed and then give the Root Access
  • then Select Clash of Clans and Install Mod

clash-of-clan XmodGames

  • After the mod installed, you simply select “Launch”
  • Will open the game Clash of Clans then tap the “x”


  • Then will appear the menu that we show below, please set the amount of Gold and Dark Elixir Elixir you want.


  • To seek automatic Loot Search feature please enable Switch


Important information from Fitu XModGames:

More Than Gold

Gold number you want to search for that gold should not be set too high because then you will be hard to find.

Meet All The Condition
The meaning is this tool will find the number of Gold, Elixir automatically the number you have set

Search Switch
This feature has the function to find the number of Gold, Elixir you have specified in the above features. For that turn off this feature when you attack and after the attack.

Keep Active

The function of this feature is that you are not attacked by the enemy village, your phone will remain alive and will heat and wasteful batteries.

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