Ezio arrives in Final Fantasy XIII-2

Final Fantasy should be recognized is one of the biggest RPG franchises in the gaming industry. The franchise itself has spawned many series with an outstanding success rate. Not much if many gamers call it the iconic Japanese RPG supremacy in the past. Square Enix as a developer until now still trying to carry on the tradition with the release of more of the Final Fantasy series for a variety of platforms. One of them is – Final Fantasy XIII-2 will soon be released to the Japanese market. However, there are things that are unique to the release this time. Ezio – the iconic character of Assassin’s Creed will join it!


Seunik any Square Enix attempted to modify a Final Fantasy, is something that is not possible if they brought the figure of Ezio physically get into the main plot is carried. Ezio figure in question here is none other than the alternate costumes that can be used by the main male character – Noel. Costumes that will be used is the Assassin cloak used by Ezio in the latest series AC – Revelations. Square Enix released even design that will be used to Noel. Unfortunately, there is no clarity whether this costume will be available in-game or you have to pay as additional DLC and you can visit http://clashofclanshackxx.com .

This is not the first time the Assassin is spreading the charm that makes other developers fall in love. Altair’s robe himself had been presented as an alternative costume belonging to Solid Snake in MGS 4. The figure of Ezio himself equally popular after he was named as an extra fighter in Soul Calibur V. However, it is still something of a surprise when I heard of a Final Fantasy series. Is this a sign that Square Enix need additional alternatives to restore the popularity of this franchise? Or is this just a preventive measure so that FF XIII-2 is more easily accepted by a wider audience?

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