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A new game, especially with big hype that made him talked about for the last few years, should be able to maintain its popularity for a long time. Especially if he is wrapped with a game system that requires you to dedicate a separate time to finish it, with so much content. But unfortunately, the opposite would occur with an ambitious game concoction Hello Games – No Man’s Sky. This highly anticipated game just ended so a new source of frustration for a variety of promises that failed ditetapi at the time of release. Disappointment is also reflected in the data, at least from the number of players in the PC version of Steam and visit .


Games with great hype does not always guarantee that he will continue to play for a long time, as was the case with The Division of Ubisoft who lost 81% his players after 2 months of release. You think this kind of data has gone bad? Wait until you see what’s happening with No Man’s Sky. Based on statistics released by SteamSpy, the number of active players in No Man’s Sky Steam currently has shrunk by 90% compared to the day of release, a bad news for a game newly released 2 weeks. This game was sampled more than 212,000 gamers simultaneously the time of release, but today, only lagging about 20,000-an active gamers only.
Just two weeks of release, the number of active players on Steam NMS has been reduced by 90%.
Just two weeks of release, the number of active players on Steam NMS has been reduced by 90%.

This of course be a another major blow to No Man’s Sky after a variety of negative reviews and expressions of disappointment, collected during the last two weeks. Moreover, a game that sells claim 18 quintillion this planet was even touting about the massive content that can be enjoyed by gamers before it can reach the center of the universe.

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