Mario Kart 7 Nintendo 3DS Boost Sales!

Mario and Nintendo’s life should be recognized now become a single entity together and support each other. Without the presence of Nintendo, the plumber with mustache and chubby will never achieve such popularity today. While on the other hand, Mario often comes as a savior for Nintendo who are experiencing difficulties. Symbiotic mutualism that is created to make them appear to dominate in the gaming industry. Cooperation is still effective even today and get  dragonballzdokkanbattleastuce .


It is no secret that Nintendo 3DS is not Nintendo’s most successful projects. Handheld with three-dimensional capability is surprisingly countless failed in the market. He was still behind compared to the preceding series – DS and often must submit to the domination of the PSP. But one of the interesting phenomenon of the 3DS is a leap in sales is always the case when Nintendo released their flagship game. The same is also likely to occur when Mario Kart 7 was released on December 1 last.

Racing game full of action and fun from this Mario franchise has certainly become the target of many gamers. Just imagine, in just one week of release, Mario Kart 7 is able to sell up to 451 932 units, the highest ever debut release of 3DS games. Not only that, he also encourages and boost sales of the handheld Nintendo 3DS itself. By the time Mario Kart 7 is released, Nintendo 3DS sold up to 216 350 units participated. It instantly menempatkanya as the second highest record sales of the 3DS after sales in the initial release of the handheld.

The results achieved by the Nintendo 3DS to prove a lot of things. First, that Mario is still seen as a franchise gamer interesting to play so that it remains a potential for Nintendo in the future. The second? Nintendo 3DS that actually only need the right stimulation for a successful course through the game titles are released. Record achieved Mario Kart 7 confirms this. Games that need them the next release? Pokemon, more Pokemon!

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