Patch DirectX 11 Batman: Arkham City Turns Still Problematic

If we are talking about one of the advantages of PC gaming than consoles, the graphics quality and better framerate certainly be the most important. With the development of a dynamic component, PC provides an opportunity for developers to push the game to the maximum limit. But the problem seemed inevitable if the developer chose the console as a basis for building a game. Adaptation heading to PC often lead to bugs and a variety of crucial issues. The latest example? Batman: Arkham City are just not capable of running DirectX 11 well.


In accordance with his promise, Rocksteady Studios has finally released the latest patch for DirectX 11 capable of ensuring a perfect run in Batman: Arkham City PC. Through the patch size is 190 MB, Rocksteady also fixes a variety of bugs and patching a variety of problems that often make the game crash. But do not get too excited in advance. If you are a user of Windows Vista or 7 32-bit, you seem to be more patient. Why? Because this patch will only aggravate the employment DirectX 11 in the version of the OS and get dragon ball z dokkan battle astuces.

Rocksteady itself promised a subsequent patch as soon as possible to fix this problem. While waiting, you are advised to stick with DirectX 9 while. If you are one of those gamers are so flattering details and visualization of finer in the game, then there is no better alternative than waiting patch this aftershocks. But rest assured, Batman: Arkham City will look stunning with any DirectX. Seriously!

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