Pokemon Go Review 2016

Like the AR game Ingress which was also developed by Niantic Labs, Pokémon GO encourage players to actively move and explore the environment around them in order to hunt a variety of Pokémon that exist out there.

Every monster you find also randomized in a number of locations, so sometimes unpredictable occurrence. This game provides the option Nearby Pokémon to see what kind of monster that is around you.


As explained in a previous article, GO Pokémon game is basically the same as a Pokémon game in Nintendo’s handheld platform only you will encounter a variety of additional new features such as GPS Geo-Tagging and AR and visit http://pokemongozoner.com.

Features GPS Geo-Tagging itself functioned to put some locations Pokéstop useful as a means of collecting items like pokeball checkpoint, Potion, and others. The existence of these items are so crucial for GO Pokémon games so that the players are invited to visit a wide variety of strategic locations, such as monuments and places of worship in their city to come Pokéstop.
I almost run you Weedle, and do not ask me why is there a Krabby in a home refrigerator

I almost ran over Weedle on the road and do not ask me why can also exist in a home refrigerator Krabby

When you encounter a monster, this game provides a sort of mini-games that utilize the interaction throwing Pokeball AR camera. How to catch it yourself quite easy, all you have to do is hold your finger on a Pokeball to determine the strength lemparanmu and hurl toward the Pokémon.

If successful, these monsters will be listed in your Pokédex and you can sell it through Transfer feature (to get items Candy Evolution), make it strong with an option level up, or turn it into a new kind of Pokémon (evolution).
Pokemon GO! | screenshot 3

So you see there Pokémon on the screen, immediately stop running and collected them with your pokeball

The translation of some functions of the game was first I dug with a little taste of the difficulties due to the lack of a tutorial in Pokémon GO Similar to Ingress, Niantic Labs presents an interface that is so minimalist design without providing the tool tips for each game icon function. Who are here are just a Help button that provides explanatory text briefly.

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