Pokemon Go Start Losing Players?

One of the most successful mobile game releases for the year 2016, there was no more appropriate phrase to describe the phenomenal concoction project Niantic Labs – Pokemon Go. After so the dream of many gamers, especially those who had grown up with a series of Pokemon games for Nintendo console or handheld, AR technology that is implemented Pokemon Go is the closest thing we can get to become the best Pokemon Trainer as in the version of the game / anime. Tens of millions of registered users worldwide, authorized or not, contribute to the incredible profits for Niantic itself. However, from the data collected, it seems this figure is dominated by one word – hype and visit here.


Hype for Pokemon Go seems slowly but surely, began to sink. In the month of July 2016 kemairn, mobile games have managed to attract more than 45 million users / day from around the world. In the month of August? Believe it or not, he loses the amount of approximately 12 million users at the beginning and now live about 30 million active users only. Based on other data offered Sensor Tower, SurveyMonkey, and Apptopia, not only the numbers are down, but almost all activities that involve gaming. All three wrote that engagement, number of downloads, to the total time spent playing it, things go downhill.

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