Tekken 7 PC version for Visual 4K

What makes the PC into a gaming platform tempting choice? Of course there are so many valid reasons for preferring a PC than a console, including the opportunity to enjoy a video game in a more optimal quality. Performance could end up much more powerful than the current console provides an opportunity for PC gamers to squeeze every inch of the strength to enjoy the game in a more perfect and convenient, as long as he was passing through the port are wrong. Having always appear as a series of fighting games “exclusive” only to the console over the past few generations, Bandai Namco Tekken is finally ready to bring to the PC via the new series. One thing is certain, they apparently do not play games and visit http://dragonballzdokkanbattleastuce.com .


For the first time, since confirmed some time ago, Tekken 7 finally shows the quality of visualization at 4K resolution thanks to the latest video released by Nvidia. By using the GeForce 1080 GTX, it seems the development team Tekken 7 striving to ensure the fighting game series that was built with Unreal Engine 4 is not going to end so badly port. As could be predicted, it is the quality of resolution that can not be achieved by the console, at least with the current variants.

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