Upside, Game Berserk Western version Precisely Non Sensor

Censorship has become a hot issue in the gaming industry, especially after a variety of policies that Nintendo decided to dispose of some of the content of a game when it was released in western Japan. Although never giving a specific reason, but such measures are usually taken to accommodate the perspective of some groups of western gamers who are sensitive to specific issues, and could lead to negative publicity of the game in question. Make clothes more polite character, deleting scenes or gameplay mechanics that can be perceived sensually, to dispose of the essential content of it. Fortunately, the latest concoction Musou game Omega Force and Koei Tecmo – Berserk it will be reversed and get on .


In an interview with PlayStation LifeStyle, Tecmo Koei Producer responsible for Berserk – Hisashi Koinuma it reveals the game port will be different from the trend of localization of the game in general. Tecmo Koei will instead offer some extra content to the western version Berserk, despite the fact that the same content will be censored from the Japanese version. Contents itself will be associated with content that violence will be the selling value of this game series.

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